KlayDino (ENG)

Road map + Vision

All great things have small beginnings. Every masterpiece has its first brushstroke, every building has its first brick. So does our Klay Dino. We have started off with #001 Dino and our team still remember and will never forget the first moment when our #001 Dino was adopted. No matter how small it was compared to other projects, we believe each step can generate power that compounds into something greater. Like dominoes, our actions being taken are lined up with goals so we can knock over one by one. We are determined to make our plans work! Join us on our journey!
For every second we have started our journey, we have been and will keep going forward in the right direction. Our pace can be slower than other projects and sometimes can be seen as less attractive to the public. Our roadmap can be amended and sometimes needs repairs as our Klaytn NFT market matures at the same time. When we first made our roadmap, it was the 16th of October 2021 and there was a big gap between what we had expected and what we are seeing as of today. This could happen anytime in the future but we will quickly adapt to the changes and make a turn to head in the right direction. That means our roadmap will be updated based on the trend accordingly 🦖
And here we would like to give a new roadmap to embrace the changes coming in 2022. As we have highlighted previously, our new roadmap will be primarily based on the promises we made. No matter how many thought-outs we put into our roadmap and our vision, it may or may not be in your best interests. This is because there are so many stories to be unfolded in the NFT market and it is nearly impossible to predict what is coming and where it will take us at the end. But what we can promise to you is, we will do our best to make sure our project can be lined with our core values (sustainability, giving positive influence to people, and maintaining a healthy community) and we will make this journey FUN and HAPPY. Just like our life. This will be marked as one of the happy memories in our lives at the end of the day. But our journey has not even started yet and there are so many events, items, stories, ideas to be unfolded. Please keep an eye on us. On top of all these, we are pretty much open to any suggestions that can help me, you, and we can make things better. Thanks!