KlayDino (ENG)

Reasons to hold KlayDinos

There are numerous reasons why you want to keep Dinos. Every single one of KlayDino Holders directly/indirectly gives positive influences on the environment. Not only that, we have many exciting plans to be unfolded such as (Online / Metaverse / Offline) events, merch giveaways, raffle, 3d figures, and voxel characters. And we want to simply add another reason to own Dinos. That is to add mining utility. Here is a list of deflation models we came up with in order to distribute various profits and make our project more sustainable. However, we cannot stress enough the fact that this is just one of the reasons we give to our holders. Whether we have a mining utility or not, we will keep looking for ways to provide profits to our holders in many ways and will be pursuing our goals no matter what.

|3D Model Dino prints

We would like to enable our V2 Dino holders to print their own NFTs by distributing 3d file (*.stl) so they can print through their own 3D printer. We will make a partnership with a selective 3D printing business so our holders can print their Dinos at a reasonable price. This process can involve a deflation model by paying a certain amount of tokens to access the 3D printable file.

|Merchs sales

Merch of KlayDinos with cuteness will be sold targeting various ranges in the market. Further, we are planning to make further movements to various contents including youtube animation. Profits made from running our Merch store will be directed to the redistribution pool 🦖

|Set your own Name and Storyline of KlayDinos

Both of our V.1 and V.2 KlayDinos can have their own traits and interesting storylines. Holders can spend a certain amount of tokens to make the name and story of NFTs they own. We will give out presents to the best storyteller / best name-giver each month to motivate people to use this utility. We are hoping this utility can be effective in both deflation and community expansion as a way of entertainment.

|Dino Raffles

It is simple as the name suggests. You buy raffles by spending tokens and those who won the raffle will be given the presents. For raffles, we are thinking to give out custom-made figures of NFTs they own. We will also allocate a fund to run this.

|Holder benefits

[Benefits of Klay Dino V1 holders]
🦖 Baby Dino Airdrops (Completed)
Normal Dino holder - Normal Baby Dino X 1
Special Dino holder - Normal Baby Dino X1 & Special Baby Dino X1
🦖 Will be able to make tokens by staking Klay DInos V1 which can be used for many events & goods.
🦖 Will give out Voxel version of Special Dinos to Special Dino holders.
🦖 We will run an exhibition hall to display Special Dinos that will have links embedded directly to its opensea market. Cherry on top is, Voxel version of Special Dinos will be displayed right in front of the arts.
[Benefits of Klay Dino V2 holders]
🦖 We will make 3D printable files downloadable to Baby Dino NFT holders by paying tokens that you earn from staking your NFTs (We still own its copyrights)
🦖 We will include mining utility to Baby Dinos so we can redistribute the benefits (When we decided not to join other ecosystems, the same tokenomics will be used for V2 same with V1)
🦖 Legendary Baby Dino holders will be given 1 Special Baby Dino and will be able to achieve 'Best Dino' (Not 100% confirmed as yet, open to suggestions for its naming). The benefits of having the title will be revealed later on.
[Benefits to all V1 and V2 holders]
🦖 You can enter our Sandbox P2E (GEM Token) & Matrixworld Metaverse
🦖 You can enter into Goods giveaway events
🦖 You can enter raffle events
🦖 You can join the governance DAO by owning 1 Klay Dino or equal to or more than 10 Klay Dino babies.
🦖 V1 Custom NFTs will be given to the top 3 baby dino holders (by quantity)
🦖 Merchandise giveaway when you hold equal to or more than 10 Baby Dinos
🦖 Art-toy giveaway when you hold equal to or more than 50 Baby Dinos
🦖 Support Baby Dino Communities with Klaytns
🦖 Global KlayDino V3 Air-drops to Special/Legendary Baby Dino holders or to those who own Baby Dinos with 5 different emotions (4th Qtr of 2022 for V3)
🦖 Sandbox Voxel Dinos giveaway to Special / Legendary Baby Dinos