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Operation of Vault

Our Klay Dinos and Klay Dino Babies will have value as collectible artworks existing on our Klaytn network blockchain we will make continuous endeavors to enhance its values through lots of exciting events and intriguing stories! Therefore, we will give you many reasons to own your own Klay Dino Babies 🦖 As an example, by owning Klay Dino NFTs, you are directly/indirectly participating in giving out positive influence over the world as a part of our KlayDino society, which will make many positive movements for the Earth. Not only that, we have many exciting events / metaverse lands (sandbox, matrix world for now), merchs giveaway, raffle, 3D figure, Voxel Dino characters you can use in our Sandbox lands as a way of P2E which enables you to make GEM token so that you can convert them into currency 🦖 Not only that, we will try our best to maintain healthy community you can belong to.
As you are aware, we have been putting a lot of emphasis on 'sustainability' and will explain this to you here. In order to maintain this 'sustainability', there needs to be 'transparency'. All funds deposited through Baby Dino mints will be revealed to you all that including profits earned from running our funds on a monthly basis. I will call this 'Vault'
Our operation of KlayDino vault can be found here

1. Donation to envrionmental organizations (5%)

Our pure goal is to give positive influence to many people in environmental and social ways. Speaking of that, there has been and are many actions being done to recover and at least to decrease the acceleration of deforestation, increasing of water level across the Earth such as by active involvement of global companies for CSR reporting and relevant financial reports, carbon taxes and so on. Therefore, we want to be a part of this greenway by donating 5% of profits being generated through our funds. We could donate to a well-known global organization or some youtubers who are focused on environmental protection (we are open to suggestions drip us with your thoughts then we will make changes). We want to make all these journeys memorable and enjoyable. Merchs, online (metaverse) /offline events and animations! Our belief in greenway will allow us to grow bigger for sure.
  1. 1.
    Jan 22 - We Forest (https://www.weforest.org/)
WeForest is an NGO dedicated to reforestation to address environmental challenges and restore the livelihoods of local communities around the world. Spanning across 3 continents and 12 countries, the WeForest team envision a world where communities and nations sustainably manage their forests and natural resources for the benefit of our climate and humanity.
Through their network of partnerships, WeForest are working with communities, local organisations and NGOs to develop scalable reforestation projects, demonstrating how we can mobilise communities and restore our degraded soils. Currently, they’re leading projects in Brazil, Zambia, Malawi, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

2. Redistribution and its allocation (70%)

Klay Dinos are born to save the Earth. But as you all know, Sandbox the metaverse where all our Dinos will be running around, we have 3*3 land in the Sandbox game and 2*2 land in the Matrix world) is built on the Ethereum chain (ERC-20).
This means, as mentioned in FAQ section, every transaction in Sandbox will incur a transaction fee (gas fee), causing serious carbon emissions. To reduce this, we will allocate % to the $SAND-$MATIC Liquid pool where we can reduce carbon emissions by 99% in comparison to the $SAND-$ETH Liquid pool. We will also invest in other DeFi systems to make sure we have a cash flow on a monthly basis. And as of Feb 22, The Sandbox game is in a process of migrating its network to Polygon in a way to mitigate the carbon emissions that have been incurred due to the Ethereum gas fee in recent periods 👍
(However, our staking of $SAND-$MATIC is not yet placed as yet because Sandbox is not available for gameplay therefore we cannot utilize it a form of P2E and also the % of APR we can get from staking is not as profitable as other stakings👀)
Of course, you can check the other DeFi our KlayDino has decided to invest in via this link below
Having said that, due to the volatility and changing shift of coin markets, we will make changes that work for our best interest, and this decision will be made based on our DAO system. One of the redistribution methods we have is the 'mining' system.
  • KlayDino Mining system
First and foremost, whether we have this utility into our NFTs, our core value to protect the earth and to give positive influence over others comes first over this. Therefore, regardless of the price of tokens being generated through NFTs won't work as a decision-maker of values of KlayDinos.
Having said that, as some of you may have already heard, KlayDino has joined the My Fat Babiz(MFB onwards) ECO system (Link). And we would like to briefly introduce the mining system of KlayDino NFT to you all so your Dinos can work for you 🐤 Just to give you a heads up, our MFB ecosystem is a team of Klaytn-powered 5 NFT projects — KlayDino, MyFatBabiz, KlayForest, KlayRecordOn, and last but not least CuteCatClub.
You can find the links below for details of each project 🦖
🦖KlayDino: https://www.klaydino.com/​
😻CuteCatClub: http://cutecatclub.net/​
🦁KlayRecordOn: https://klayrecordon.com/​
🌳KlayForest: https://klayforest.xyz/​
🐕MyFatBabiz: https://www.myfatbabiz.world/​
If you would like to learn how to stake your KlayDino NFTs and let your KlayDinos earn you $$ when you are sleeping, then please check this link below

3. Outsourcing and operating expense (25%)

25% of monthly cash flow will be used for outsourcing and operating expenses.