KlayDino (ENG)

Green initiatives in the NFT markets 🌍

Born to save the Earth!

| What is KlayDino?

KlayDino is Klaytn-powered NFT PFP arts born to save the Earth. Capturing the spirit of those who care and love our planet Earth, our goal is to give positive influence around the world with the help of our Dino holders.

| What's the purpose of KlayDino?

The main driver of KlayDino is the calling from the Earth to save it from the environmental changes that have been brought by the technological/industrial developments that have resulted in severe damages to the Earth. With the sole purpose to save the Earth, what we ultimately want from our KlayDino is not only to give positive influence over people but also to draw more attention to environmental issues that can involve actions from many people.
By owning KlayDino NFT, you are becoming a part of this green move and our community. We will be actively supporting our community to grow and enjoy throughout the journey. There will be merchandise, offline events, online events (Metaverse) and our KlayDino will be the 2nd Pororo in the world!
Please give love to our KlayDinos! ❤

| Why Klaytn not Etherium?

When KlayDinos first came down to Earth back on Oct 21 there was no Poloy-Eth where there are relatively low Gas fees. KlayDino team wanted to make things easier for everyone to adopt our KlayDinos with lower gas fees. Gas fees incurred through each transaction on the Etherium chain are one of the negative results from NFTs and we wanted to minimize it. We are aware of the size and power of the Etherium chain but the gas fee was one of the downers for us, leading us to lean towards adopting the Klaytn chain to make it more sustainable. Aside from that, we are looking forward to working closely with Klaytn for the sustainability of developing NFT markets.
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